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Now In: Signal Controls/Bell Ringers

Signal Controls/Bell Ringers:

Lathem's Signal Controls/Bell Ringers offer low power consumption with high output sound.  Between our Digital Work Alerter and Sonachron models, you can master control any variety of "events" from simple horn alerts to complex schedules of electrical device activation.

Sonachron Signal Control (DWA-S)

"I walked in to the office Monday morning and everything was already turned back on. How convenient!" Designed to signal the "On/Off" status of your electrical devices and programmable to control up to 1,440 weekly "events."

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List Price: $425.00

850-24 - Horn (Federal) -- 24VAC

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List Price: $120.00

906-6 - 6 inch Bell (Wheelock) -- 115VAC

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List Price: $115.00

906-6-24 - 6 inch Bell (Wheelock) -- 24VAC

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List Price: $125.00

950 - Horn (Wheelock) -- 115VAC

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List Price: $110.00


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