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Now In: Software Upgrades → PayClock Version 6 Software Upgrade (for PC50 & TS100 systems only)
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PayClock Version 6 Software Upgrade (for PC50 & TS100 systems only) 

Version 6.0

This version of PayClock is a major advancement, completely designed in-house to enhance the reliability, performance and ease of use with our PayClock terminals. 

PayClock Version 6 Basic Feature Overview:

  • Designed on an entirely new architecture (built on Microsoft .NET and Sybase database)

  • Version 6 shares no code with any prior version of PayClock (but can be run side-by-side)

  • Updated, yet has the same aesthetic and terminology so customers don’t feel like they have to learn a new application.

  • Current data and settings can be imported from customer’s existing PayClock version.

  • Support for PC600, FaceIN, and USB clocks (TS100, PC50/PC60).

  • Powerful and fast calculation engine with real-time calculations.

  • Flexible reporting module with report personalization options.

  • Support for WAN and VPN connections with easy configuration.

  • All new Scheduling module for planning employee coverage and shift assignments.

  • Both Single User and Multi-User versions available.


Verify Hardware Compatibility before upgrading to the latest version of PayClock software


Hardware compatibility is extremely important

when installing the updated USB Terminal Manager Software. All PC50 terminals are compatible with the software. However Biometric terminals, such as the TouchStation TS100 and the Remote Finger Sensor TS-RFS may be affected.  Review the fingerprint reader's design. If the fingerprint reader is rectangular in shape and has a metallic finish, this is an older model of the TouchStation or Remote Finger Sensor and is not compatible with the PayClock USB Terminal Manager Software.

Contact Lathem Time Customer Service Department by phone at (800) 241-4990 to inquire on getting an exchange for a compatible model of TouchStation or Remote Finger Sensor.


Not Compatible





Installing PayClock Software with a Biometric reader not listed as compatible will result in a hardware malfunction where the Biometric terminal will no longer work.

System Requirements

Please note: PayClock Version 6 requires more computer processing power (speed) than prior versions. If the computer does not meet these specifications, DO NOT attempt an install or upgrade.

  •  Minimum Requirements: Processor - 1Ghz or higher

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 32-Bit or 64-Bit

    • XP SP2 or later

    • Vista

    • Windows 7, Windows 8

    • Windows Server 2003 or 2008 (Standard or Enterprise Edition)

  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM or higher

  • Hard Disk Drive: Up to 450 MB of free disk space; up to 1 GB if the .NET Framework is not installed

  • Display: 1024x768 or higher resolution

  • CD-Rom Drive: Required

  • Internet: 56 Kbps (broadband recommended for online features/services)

  • Printer: Any printer compatible with Windows XP SP2 or later

  • Network Interface: Network adaptor configured for TCP/IP connected to a switch on LAN network

  • USB Terminals - An available USB port (USB 1.1 or 2.0compliant. The port must be able to supply up to 500mA.)

  • Also, Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 will be included in the installation of Version 6.

List Price: $149.00
SKU: PCW-UP (4547)
Weight: 1.0000

Serial Number (found on the back of your terminal):


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