LT Time Stamp

LT Time Stamp

LT Time Stamp

Automatic stamp activation is now standard on the LT!
Designed to stand the test of time and heavy day-in, day-out usage, a Lathem LT is virtually maintenance-free. Yet this surprisingly smooth stamp registers all the information you need with remarkable precision.

Unique Dual Registration
This exclusive feature lets you stamp papers automatically or by push button. The automatic trigger works with both standard and multi-carbon forms. A push button on the front of the machine lets you operate the stamp manually if positioning the registration is particularly important.

Easy-To-Read Digital Clock (Optional)
The large fluorescent display (available on any LT model that prints time) comes in standard (1-12) hour displays with AM/PM and minute, or continental (0-23) hours with minutes.

Smoother Operation
Thanks to a separate, motor-driven ribbon shift the LT Series has little of the vibration you normally expect from a time stamp. The ribbon shifts smoothly after each registration, automatically reversing at the end of each spool.

Clearer Registrations
The silk ribbon, supplied as standard, provides a longer-lasting, darker imprint and no smudges.

Adjustable Registration Position
Move the registration trigger and you avoid overprinting words that are already on your documents. You can move the imprint area up or down, and from side to side.

Repeat and Advance Numbering
An optional switch on the back of the machine lets you override the automatic numbering advance. You can repeat a given number as many times as you want before switching back to the automatic sequential numbering.

Other features include variable stamping impact, long life print wheels and an impact-resistant case with tamper-proof lock.

Customized Die Plates
Die plates are an option that let you print additional information above or below the registration line. They can be supplied as either fixed or removable plates. Removable plates can be interchanged as your requirements change. Removable signature plates can be stored for safekeeping.

Price: $610.00