Wireless Wall Clocks

Wireless Wall Clocks

Why Wireless? Why AirTime?

Wireless means less headaches and expenses. Without wires to run, you don't need to incur the cost of another professional. AirTime® is a state-of-the-art wireless clock system that provides perfectly synchronized time throughout facilities of any size. This means no confusion as to what time it is. Most importantly, it's simple to install and is made by Lathem, the most reliable name in the industry.

How does it work?

The heart of AirTime is a powerful transmitter that provides the time source for all clocks throughout your facility or campus. It broadcasts a signal designed to penetrate commercial building structures and provide accurate time (to the second) from clock to clock. AirTime can also extend from your existing wired system, intercom and bell-ringing system. Simply hang AirTime's high quality wireless clocks on the wall for a perfectly accurate and synchronized time solution. With multiple time sources available (computer, GPS, WWVB) you have complete flexibility for any environment.  

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